Is that 1% worth it?Listen now (4 min) | On using our time wisely, mindfulness course, attachment styles, body-consciousness, and meditation resources
How our freedom is intertwined with one another, relationship advice, house music, and affordable Asian groceries
More mindful and equitable purchases, explaining our minds, the implications of war, and talking dogs
Centering ourselves in the grace and compassion of resetting, an anime metaverse, house music, and rest as resistance.
Our desire to be seen, getting unstuck, designing more equitably, and pumpkin spice
Increasing our emotional acuity, Crying in H Mart, blockchain updates, and media addiction
Our broken capitalism and greedy political leaders, racialized trauma, old folklores, and too many dang emails
Insights from a recent passing, secret messages, kitchen confidential, and simple living
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Mindful Moments by Steven Wakabayashi