A look back at 2020

Highlights from this year, equity in design, the money myth, and a bit of perspective

Hi friend,

2020 has been a roller coaster year for all of us. Pandemic, elections, unemployment, racism, riots, fires, and deaths… it gives me anxiety just even typing out words to describe what unfolded this year.

Last year, I set out to travel around the world to deepen my studies with meditation and mindfulness in my own rendition of Eat, Pray, Love. This year, I settled my roots in New York City.

A big reason I shifted from nomadic life to a permanent city residence was to focus more on the work. Although it sounded nice in the beginning to travel and work at the same time, I was spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the basic essentials - food, laundry, electricity, and internet. But I will say… the timing could not have been better that I had gone through this mental exercise prior to the pandemic.

I made a video wrapping up my Eat, Pray, Love journey on my Youtube.

A look at some of my highlights from this year:

Although these are great milestones, I’ve been making a radical shift towards a different style of working this year. Perfectionism and burnout are too familiar experiences that are deeply engrained within me. Instead, I’ve been trying to lean more into the process and to enjoy the journey more than the goal itself. Milestones come and go, but the effort is what we truly remember. In flipping my thinking, I’ve been asking myself lately, “what can I do to enjoy this process more?”

  • Celebrate the little wins

  • Have more fun

  • Reduce seriousness

  • Honor the space when inspiration arises

Could these be the unsung highlights of the year?

What I’m up to

For queer POC: Figma Masterclass Part 2 on Tuesday 1/12

For queer Asians: Gaysian support group on Sunday, 1/24

Equity in Design

Hosted one of my most important events - Equity in Design a few weeks ago, where we chatted about some really deep topics around diversity and inclusion impacting the design community. After the recording was captured, our community came together and had a deep conversation to connect, release, and heal deep-seated trauma experienced in the workplace.

The concept of money

Recommended this 2011 episode of This American Life, The Invention of Money, which talks about the fictional nature of cash, how it started, and how countries around the world are keeping the concept alive.


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