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On managing work, mindfulness, figuring out when to reopen our lives, life as art, and uncovering a scam

Hi friend,

Lately, my days have flipped upside down and inside out. On some days, I sleep for about 12 hours. On some days, I sleep for an hour or two. No two days are the same, and I lose track of the current day of the week more frequently now.

Even though I have tips and advice on how to adjust (set routines, create balance, limit activities, etc.), I’ve always had a bad habit of not being able to take my own advice. Are you the same way as well?

For me, I have many things I want to accomplish. Launching the podcast, establishing my nonprofit, running support groups, furthering my design agency, and writing this weekly email. Every free minute of the day feels like an opportunity that quickly fades with each second that passes by.

Now that I am surrounded by my work 24/7, just seconds away, emotions come bubble up. I feel a fair bit of anxiety juggling so many projects, guilt for spending time on other things (social media, Reddit, Netflix… albeit not that much), a bit of disappointment for not working as fast as I wish. Though I practice gratitude every single day, I can’t help but acknowledge these thoughts as they arise as well.

For anyone that is going through something similar juggling multiple projects (public or private, professionally or personally) - what has worked for you?

Speaking of juggling projects…

Last week, we hosted a fantastic livestream session with Marti G Cummings and Ning Zhou about taking care of our physical and mental health, understanding trauma responses, and advice on how to manage sudden shifts in employment.

You can find the videos on Facebook |  YouTube

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This weekend, if you are a queer Asian, you are invited to come to join our Monthly gaysian support group. RSVP here to reserve a spot.

Stay well. Be safe.

Additional Coronavirus Content

How to clean your groceries after shopping.

Asia is experiencing their second wave of Coronavirus patients… from overseas travelers.

This pandemic has led to a huge drop in air pollution around the world, and the pollution makes COVID-19 about 20x more deadly

Sam Harris interviews Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress) on the future of work (hint: it’s a combination of physical and digital solutions - not trying to recreate everything physically on digital mediums)

And a quick shoutout to one of my Instagram posts, where I share with you some advice on how to set balance and routine during this time.

When will we open?

Everyone wants to know when we are going to be able to leave our homes and reopen the United States. That’s the wrong way to frame it.

The better question is: “How will we know when to reopen the country?” (TLDR: Until we have testing available in massive quantities (imagine 750K/week), contact tracing of those potentially exposed, and hospitals able to treat patients without being in crisis mode - we have a long way to go.)

Recreating art

Recently found this thread on Twitter where people recreated famous artwork while at home. The results are hilarious.

Pyramid schemes

I have a secret love for VICE documentaries and stumbled on this oldie but a goodie in an email recommendation from last week. It follows the shady operations of LuLaRoe and the larger multi-level-marketing scheme still impacting 30K women around the US.

As always, thanks for reading!

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