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Hi friend,

The time has come to pack up boxes, declutter, and move into a new abode. By this Friday, I will be situated in my new apartment! Stay tuned for photos to come.

Although I love living with people in New York City, it has been very difficult living with a roommate who observes COVID-19 quarantine very differently from myself. It was much more manageable in March when social distancing was a novel activity, but as time had passed, I see my roommate struggle to adopt this new normal and returning to old behaviors.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many folks and we are seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 death-counts in cities all around the United States. Getting through a pandemic is mentally and physically exhausting, but the reward is life. How we get there is up to us all.

Our ancestors have gone through much worse: nuclear bombs, genocides, world wars, famines, and other more fatal pandemics. We all have what it takes to get through this and it may require digging deep within ourselves to find what keeps us going. For me, a gentle reminder that (1) life is never guaranteed and (2) many parts of the world are struggling with more than just the novel coronavirus.

On top of business closures and social isolation:

With all this in context, social isolation (and even mask-wearing) seem so small in comparison. By taking care of ourselves now, we ensure that we will still be around to heal these other injustices that are hurting our brothers, sisters, and other siblings all around the world.

How do you cope with quarantine and social distancing?

Not another newsletter

Are you interested in starting your own newsletter? Or just curious about email marketing? I subscribe to Dan Oshinsky’s Not Another Newsletter where he sends out a monthly update on email marketing strategy, trends, and best practices… in a Google Doc. I love the practicality of it.

Virtual haircuts

Times are changing and many industries have shifted to a digital medium in response to COVID-19. Virtual haircuts have become more popular recently and I’m curious if this actually works.

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My latest projects and whereabouts:

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