Old habits die hard

Being stuck in not enough-ness, the original fake news network, the story of a dancer, and thoughts on Joe Rogan

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Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly slipping back into where I was in 2017. During that time, I woke up at 6:00 am for Crossfit (which I no longer support), worked 12-16 hours at my agency, and capped my night off with either teaching online courses, creating content for social media, or going out with friends until the early am. In trying to do everything, my health suffered tremendously.

After being hospitalized and quitting my job to focus on healing, I thought to myself that my lifestyle was going to change forever. But since my health has radically improved, I see old habits beginning to resurface.

Right now, after working 12-16 hours a day juggling multiple clients, I am running two organizations, writing blog posts, and producing podcast episodes with what remains in 24 hours. Even after committing to reject salary positions to take on “flexible” freelance/consulting roles, my daily agenda is more flooded than ever with meetings from morning until evening.

Since I’ve imbued more mindfulness into my life, I’ve been able to shift away from hustle-porn (no pain, no gain mentality) and inquire where this behavior truly comes from. What I have found is this deeper feeling of  “not enough-ness” that incessantly nags me throughout the day.

Not enough money.
Not enough service.
Not enough me.

We live in a culture that champions sleepless nights. For prestige and wealth, the price of admission of self-sacrifice.

But does it have to be this way?

It starts with finding peace with what is not – embracing our limits, imperfections, and having awareness of our hunger for more.

“What I have and what I am is enough.”

For myself at least, it bears repeating.

Curious if anyone has thoughts on this. Do you also struggle with “not enough-ness”?

The original fake news network

Once upon a time in Guatemala, the CIA hired a cocky American actor and two radio DJs to launch a revolution and oust a president. Their playbook is being used against the U.S. right now. An intriguing story of propaganda and psychology by Shane and Sylvia Snow.

Following your heart

I was recommended this breathtaking film by one of my colleagues. This documentary follows the life of Bobbi Jene, a dancer breaking away from her company and choreographer to pursue her own dreams. It captures so elegantly the struggles of beginning anew - in life, love, and purpose.

The new face of media

Spotify had set an unprecedented record when it paid an estimated $100M for the exclusive rights to stream Joe Rogan’s podcast. An interesting op-ed on the matter.

Joe Rogan is the new mainstream media by Bari Weiss for The New York Times.

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