The issue with reopening our states

Coronavirus on the rise, state of America, stuck at a festival, drive-ins, and letting go

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It seems like another week has gone by without an end in sight to this pandemic. Even though cases have dwindled in some locations, other cities around the world are seeing outbreaks happening again after reopening. In China, the city of Shulan has been shut down and new cases have reappeared in Wuhan after easing their lockdown rules

On social media, I see many of my friends breaking social distancing, hanging out in parks, and hosting get-togethers. While I understand that cabin fever is real, it is still imperative that we isolate ourselves away from others until a vaccine or mitigation strategy comes into place. Some states are reporting fatality rates of almost 15%.

In early March, I posted on my social media that we will all know folks who have succumbed to the virus. It was a mixed bag of responses, with a handful of folks reiterating that “the flu is much worse” and “only 0.1% of the population will get it”. One friend, in particular, was convinced that this was all a Russian disinformation campaign (they still believe it and I had to stop following them for my sanity). While these comments have not aged well, imagine the position we would all be in if we followed this advice. Because of a lack of leadership and guidance from our US government, it is up to us individually to keep ourselves safe and updated.

Truth is, I know far too many friends who have had their immediate family members pass from COVID-19. And in their memory, I vow to do all that I can to keep myself and other folks around me safe.

This is not something that we can bend the rules to get slapped on the hand. Put it bluntly - there is no return from death. And while there are extreme economic, mental, and physical hardships on the rise, catching and spreading this virus is the worst outcome of them all (NY Governor Cuomo summarized it pretty well).

Is there an end in sight? Not just yet. But we don’t have to rule out the horizon just because we don’t see it. Humans has survived even worse pandemics before. In the meantime, all we can do is to take this day-by-day.

Another day finished, is another day closer to the end of this pandemic.

Stay safe and well.

How other states are doing

COVID Exit Strategy tracks all of the 50 states and their progress towards readiness to reopen.

I also found this really interesting Google sheets link analyzing novel coronavirus cases against race per state, brought to you by The COVID Racial Data Tracker.

And if you enjoyed that, check out the current state of America in six charts.

The last festival on Earth

For folks who attended The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama back in March, some are still at the festival due to lockdown. (To be fair, these folks should not have traveled after this novel coronavirus was classified as a worldwide pandemic on March 11.) An interesting look at what it would be like to be stuck at a festival indefinitely.

Adapting to change

From drive-ins theaters to concerts, drive-in entertainment has made a comeback thanks to the insulation and distancing it provides. This, I can get behind.

Let it go

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”

Learning to let go by Anne-Laure Le Cunff

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