Sitemap - 2019 - Mindful Moments by Steven Wakabayashi

Thank you for being by my side this year

Lessons from a year of writing weekly email newsletters

Hosting my first support group for queer Asians

My top nine photos of 2019

Forgiving those that have hurt us

Lessons from my viral article on cultural ignorance

I am going viral...

Giving up perfectionism (and my new monthly support group)

Focusing on what matters

Finding my calling

The truth of honesty

It's been a monumental week for LGBTQ+ rights

Facing my money anxiety (and lessons from my experience)

And I'm on my way to New York City!

Reading, resting, wristing, and compassion

I am an 80 year old lady, but that isn't stopping me

Completing full circle at Burning Man

Gone fishin'

Off to the desert for the next week

It's finally here - my big announcement!

As work piles up, I am facing my struggles

Back in LA and reevaluating my mission

Lessons from my relationship with acne

My story of how I first ended up in New York City

A look at how I spend my week...

It's all rainbows and fireworks

It's time to finally come home

Finally, relaxing into my travels in London

Finishing up my last meditation retreat with the biggest revelation

From the depths of Berlin to vipassana

Au revoir to Paris and hallo to Berlin

A week of meditation, gardening, and singing

From Italy to France I go

Departing Dharamshala with Love

Looking up at the stars in India...

It's NOT always rainbows 🌈 and butterflies 🦋

Exploring with Childlike Curiosity

I have a confession about last week...

And then I'm off to Thailand

Celebrating my birthday with something different

Eating my way through Asia, mindfully

You can't find everything online

Going to share a little secret with you...

Reflecting on the past two months of mindfulness and hustle

A week of insights, pain, and love

All aboard the self-discovery ship.

Starting my travels with some self discovery

We are all looking for something deeper than our goal!

When was the last time you practiced self-love?

It's 3 weeks into 2019. How are your goals coming along?

Are you decluttering this new year? Me too.

I finally did it...